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People's health can be affected by their local environment for better or worse. We care about our impact on the environment – locally and globally, now and into the future – and are committed to building an environmentally-sustainable, energy-efficient hospital.

We are targeting a BREEAM Healthcare rating of 'Excellent' and will be assessed against a broad set of criteria to determine and certify how sustainable the new hospital is. Key features to support sustainability and energy-efficiency, and help us achieve a rating of Excellent, include:

CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system – CHP is a highly-efficient way of generating electricity. The waste heat created as by-product is then recycled to keep the building warm and provide hot water.

Solar power and hybrid district heating system – We are considering the use of solar panels (a photo-voltaic array) and a system for distributing this energy right through the building from a central 'energy store'.

Responsibly sourced, sustainable construction – We will place the same importance on sustainability in the construction phase, avoiding the considerable waste that can otherwise occur in procurement and development.

Both The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Laing O'Rourke are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment through the use of responsibly sourced, sustainable materials, products and services. This includes our selection of sub-contractors and others working on the project.

We have set ourselves the following objectives and will achieve them wherever practicable:

  • Materials and services with the lowest environmental impact will take precedence
  • Materials and services will be locally sourced
  • The legal and ethical validity of materials will be verified through recognised certification and approved environmental management schemes
  • Water use will be minimised
  • Waste will be reduced through a range of measures, including the reuse of items and selection of materials with a high recycled content, enhanced durability, recyclability and 'deconstruction' capacity (i.e. the ability to be used again or recycled even after the new building is no longer needed)
  • Hazardous materials – including refrigerants and insulants with high global warming potential – will be avoided in favour of non-hazardous materials with a lower environmental impact.

Laing O'Rourke will use its health, safety & environment, and quality systems to achieve these objectives – it will use its supply chain management process, supplier code and timber procurement protocols when sourcing materials, goods and services.

planning---environment-2.jpgWhat is BREEAM?

BREEAM is the leading method for assessing the environmental impact of a building, recognised across the world.  

A green hospital

Patients, visitors and our own staff tell us how much they value the connection to nature that they feel in our Wirral hospital. That’s why our commitment to making our new hospital in Liverpool ‘green’ includes features that bring the outside ‘in’.

Building users will find lots of natural light, along with peaceful terraces and a ‘winter garden’ allowing them to enjoy fresh air in a tranquil, landscaped setting. We’re also keen to include features inside the hospital that help people connect with nature and would welcome your suggestions. 

In harmony with our neighbours

We’re very excited to bring The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre into the heart of Liverpool. The new hospital will be a striking design that inspires a sense of wellbeing – but it’s equally important to us that it is in harmony with the surrounding skyline and local environment.

The 11 floors will taper back in steps in keeping with the height of neighbouring buildings and West Derby Street’s rise from the city centre, rather than in a uniform ‘block’. Complementing this, the crystalline façade will give the hospital an appearance of light. We are keen to hear what our neighbours and local communities think of the design.