The 1st of July marks a milestone in plans to transform cancer care in the region, with the bringing together of the treatment of people with blood cancers and solid tumours.

Haemato-oncology had previously been split between The Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Aintree University Hospital, with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre providing services for all other types of cancer.

From 1st July the management of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital haemato-oncology service, and its 120 members of staff, transferred to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

From now on patients will experience seamless access to the same services and levels of care no matter what type of cancer they have. This includes counselling, psychological and peer support, financial advice and therapies.

It also means more opportunity to make greater advances in research which will further improve specialist care for the regions cancer patients.

The outpatient, inpatient and day case haemato-oncology services will continue to be delivered within the Royal Liverpool University Hospital before moving into The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s new 11-floor hospital.

Until then patients will continue to receive their treatment in the same ward and will be treated by the same members of staff, before and after the new centre is built.

Chief Executive of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Andrew Cannell said: “The NHS is changing at a rapid pace and healthcare providers across the country are looking at new ways to deliver services to their communities

“By integrating the Haemato-oncology service with our own specialist cancer services we will drive forward a shared commitment to providing the highest quality cancer care that our patients and their families want and deserve.

“Together we will lead the way in delivering truly joined up care across our network of sites and out in our communities, to transform the future of cancer care for our region, now and for generations to come.”