Our Proposals

Our vision

  • All patients should be able to access the best care and most advanced treatment, facilities and equipment as close to home as possible.
  • Cancer care should be seamless throughout the whole patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Different professionals and organisations involved in a patient’s care should work together in a fully joined-up way.
  • People receiving inpatient (overnight) cancer care should have rapid on-site access to experts in intensive care and medical/surgical specialties if they need it, without having to be transferred by ambulance to another site. 
  • All cancer patients should be offered the chance to take part in clinical trials if they wish to do so.
  • It should be easy for NHS healthcare professionals, university academics and cancer researchers to work together so patients receive the very best care.
  • Merseyside and Cheshire should become a world-class centre of excellence in cancer so patients can benefit from the most advanced expertise, treatments and research, including ‘first in human’ clinical trials.

Our proposals to achieve this

Transforming Cancer Care is a £162m investment in improving cancer care that will:

  1. Expand the services provided by The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to meet the increasing demand for specialist cancer care as the population ages, and diagnosis and treatments improve.
  2. Develop a new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in the heart of Liverpool (Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool), alongside the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital, the University of Liverpool and Cancer Research UK’s Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit. This would become The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s main site. 
  3. Continue to provide outpatient treatment for most cancer at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Wirral and our second radiotherapy unit at Aintree. Our chemotherapy clinics and outpatient clinics at local hospitals across Merseyside and Cheshire will also continue. The Wirral site will be redeveloped so patients continue to benefit from high-quality facilities. 

Key benefits

The new centre will...

Have on-site access to the intensive care, medical and surgical specialties in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.
Increase capacity and choice by offering radiotherapy at three sites rather than two and expanding The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to meet increasing demand for specialist cancer care.

Provide services at a central location that’s closer to home for the majority of patients and has excellent public transport links.

Be on the same health campus as the University of Liverpool, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Cancer Research UK’s Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit and other key research partners.

Be a hub for a much wider range of world-class cancer research and clinical trials, enabling people in Merseyside and Cheshire to benefit from the latest and most advanced forms of cancer treatment.

For the first time, our new hospital in Liverpool will bring together the care of people with blood cancers with care for solid tumours.

Unlike most cities, haemato-oncology services (which specialise in blood cancer and other bone marrow disorders) in Liverpool are completely separate from those for solid tumours. While The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre provides services for all other types of cancer, haemato-oncology is currently split between Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Aintree University Hospital.

Plans to bring those services together saw the management of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital haemato-oncology service and its 120 members of staff transfer to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre on 1st July 2017.

The outpatient, inpatient and day case haemato-oncology services will continue to be delivered in their current location within  the Royal Liverpool University Hospital before moving into The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s new 11-floor hospital next door, which is due to open in 2020.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will then begin work on further proposals to improve care by bringing services into the community and expanding The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s chemotherapy at home service to include haemato-oncology patients.

This means that people from Liverpool with proven or suspected blood cancer will continue to receive their treatment (and investigations) as they do now but will soon benefit from:

  • Access to the highest level of medical expertise, while still being able to have their treatment locally wherever possible;
  • Equity of access with patients who have solid tumours to the best cancer support care including counselling, psychological and peer support, financial advice and therapies; and
  • Enhanced access to innovative treatments through clinical trials.

Impact on patient journeys and travel/transport for visitors

  • Parking will be free for patients attending the new cancer centre, just like it is at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s Wirral and Aintree sites.
  • Anyone entitled to ambulance transport for appointments will continue to receive this.
  • Around 63% of the current patients will have shorter travel times to the Liverpool site than to Wirral. This includes the most disadvantaged patients, who are least able to travel.
  • There are better public transport links to central Liverpool than to Wirral from most parts of Merseyside and Cheshire.
  • We will work closely with transport providers to make journeys as easy as possible for the small percentage of patients who live closer to Wirral but will need to travel to Liverpool when the new hosputal opens. (We expect around 90% of Wirral and West Cheshire patient attendances will continue to be at Wirral.)

Why we support thisDr_Kirkbride.JPG

Dr Peter Kirkbride, Medical Director, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

“Clinicians are fully supportive of these proposals.  It’s likely that in future we will need to deliver more cancer treatment to older patients with more complex medical needs.  The need to have access to those specialist acute medical services will become even greater.”