Benefitting from our new state of the art cancer centre

Our proposals intend to get the best use of our new state of the art cancer centre currently being built in Liverpool.

This site will become the new base of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and where all of its inpatient beds (staying overnight) will be located.

What will happen to other non-surgical cancer services?

Inpatients care will be provided from the new site in Liverpool.

However it is proposed that the majority of outpatient care and other support services for most patients with breast, lung and colorectal cancers be delivered in a local Hub.

The proposal is that there will be four Hubs geographically spread across Cheshire and Merseyside.

The Hubs, working with other local hospitals, would offer improved local access to a range of specialist cancer services without travelling to the main Cancer Centre (unless that is the closest centre to the patient).

During a first outpatient appointment this Hub would provide assessment by a multi-disciplinary team including consultants, other doctors, nurses and therapists. Patients would also be given tailored dietary advice, cancer information and advice about benefits.

The majority of chemotherapy treatments and follow up appointments for common cancers would continue to be delivered in local hospitals across the region or at home where possible.

The Hub will also work closely with primary care (GPs).

Patients with rare cancers will continue to be treated at the main cancer centre (from 2020 this will be Liverpool) as this is the safest place to provide that care.

What about urgent care?

The new Hub would also provide some urgent care specifically for cancer patients who are receiving treatment and become unwell. This would mean that they may not need to go to A&E.

What would the proposed Hub mean for you?

Our evidence shows that having access to one Hub means people would benefit from:

  • Waiting no longer than 7 days for first appointment following referral
  • Treatment will begin within 24 days of the referral
  • More patients will have improved access to clinical trials
  • 90% of patients with common cancers would receive chemotherapy within 45 minutes travel time of their home
  • Patients would get consistent access to support services (for example cancer information, dietary advice and benefits advice) during their treatment.